I am done writing here, so any pages that aren’t finished will not be finished, but you get the idea of how such a site would work.

Welcome to my professional portfolio.

I recently retired (June 2014) from the position of Instructional Technologist in the Academic Excellence Center at Cuyahoga Community College, Eastern Campus. I held that position from October 2008-June 2014. I was formerly the Director of the Center for Instructional Technology and before that an Assistant Professor of English (non-tenure track) at Mercyhurst College. My educational background is in 20th Century American Literature, but I have a long-held interest in instructional technology and happily moved into that field, although pedagogical interests are never far removed from my technological ones.

Why choose a blog for a portfolio? Portfolios are meant to be updated as needed, reflecting the most current state of your work, and blogs are the perfect format for making changes quickly and timely. Blogs keep a record of dates and times of posts, a record that can reveal progress–or stagnation, too, I guess.

Thank you for your interest in the progress of my professional work. The featured image at Stony Lake was taken during a lovely fishing trip to Canada for muskies—I caught one.

❈ Although this blog represents my professional work, it does not represent my former workplaces.

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