My Dissertation–On Scribd

There it is, if you’re interested:

Yes, I’m charging the small fee of $2.99 to download the thing. Not too much, just enough to say readers are committed. Maybe someone will find a paragraph or two of interest to their own work on Dos Passos or working-class literature.

Pasting the chapters together was more work than I bargained for, and I had to re-type the submission and Table of Contents pages. I skipped, however, the sappy acknowledgements–sorry, if you go there looking for appreciation.

I’m thinking there may be a few things different in chapter three from the dissertation, because I did have a few ideas about publishing that one, and I had done a little revising. I sent it out once, even though I knew it needed more revision, hoping to get some suggestions, but I was turned off by one reviewer whose criticism was that I hadn’t written about a topic that she would have written about–yes, I know exactly who that reviewer was. But I only had the one copy and don’t think it was probably too different. Recently, I have had a better idea about that chapter, one that is pertinent to today’s We Are the 99% movement, but I’m really past the point of wanting to revise and publish. Oh, well.

I still think there are good ideas in this work, but I don’t wish my prose on any readers. I can be intense and complex in my academic writing, so you would really have to be in the mood. One professor said my writing was ruthless and relentless. I took it as a compliment.

Anyway, publishing your work on Scribd is great fun.