Time for a Permanent Theme

Maybe you think I obsess too much about themes on this site, especially if you were around in the summer when I was changing them on what seemed like a weekly basis, and then complaining strongly about the mobile view. As I noted in August, I came back to the current theme, Reddle, for its features of a responsive theme and widgets in the footer. I always knew, though, that I’d keep searching for something permanent. After all, this is my professional portfolio and it should be distinctive in style. Knowing how much I love changes, I know that one way to make a permanent decision is to pay for a premium theme. It has worked over at my Letters Project, where I couldn’t be happier with the elegant Elemin theme.

I love that you can try out live demos of WordPress themes to see how your content fits and displays. I may have tried them all. Then, I see which ones I keep going back to, and think about why. Some themes I really like, but not for a particular site. I wouldn’t want Elemin for a portfolio; I like Opti, but more for a magazine-type blog. For this site, I want something relatively simple, with a little style and a nice readable font–some themes have giant font that does not say professional to me.

Views of the Magnate Express Theme

Views of the Magnate Express Theme from the WordPress.com Description

So, here’s what’s coming–Magnate Express–in the next week or so. I’m not believing the description that hypes it for photography or simple blogging, because I’ve seen a lot of sites made for one thing, work out better for something else. For our college Convocation site in August, for example, I used Stay, a hotel/reservation theme, and it was beautiful.

I like the menu options in this theme, the font, the simple coloring, and the neat responsiveness to mobile devices. I’m sure I will be tweaking widgets for a while, as well as deciding if I want to use the slider feature. This site has not been heavy on images, but maybe that should change. I didn’t used to blog on this site when it began, for example, and then, later, it seemed odd that I didn’t blog about my professional topics. Overall, I think committing to this premium theme will inspire it to be a more useful site.

Keep watching.