Update your CV, would you?

It looks like it has been about a year since I updated my CV and that is really too long, even if just to change the date in the header so it looks current. I looked at the embedded version on this site and noticed for the first time that some of the links were underlined and some not–how did that happen? But more importantly, why did it take me so long to notice?

So I revised the Word version, saved it to PDF, and uploaded the revision at Scribd. While I was at it, I looked to see if there were anything else in it that could be found on the web, short of linking to all the schools I went to or worked at, which would be overkill. I decided to see what the state of my publications was online, whether they were finally available freely to any reader. Who was I kidding? One you could purchase for $15 from JSTOR, another for $5.95 at Amazon.

I didn’t look far enough for the third one, but I’m sure money talks if you want it. I did find a lot of links referencing my few articles in books and journals, and while that made me happy, it saddened me that so much of these good works–mine and the ones I’m cited in and all the others–are locked away from a public readership. I suppose I could feel differently if I were being paid for the articles, but really, I only ever intended that I would be communicating with people in my field or with a common interest to further knowledge in the area–yes, that’s really a motive behind a lot of writing in the humanities. It’s not pretentious spin.

I’m thinking that I should totally re-vamp the thing next time, just for a visual change, if nothing else. Color, anyone?