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Photo Credit: stevendepolo via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: stevendepolo via Compfight cc

There are a number of things to do when you end or change jobs, and whether you are just ending or changing to another one makes a lot of difference. When I moved from a faculty position to an administrative position at the same institution, the move was more like moving to a new house in the same neighborhood. I had some things to be moved to a different office in another building, but I was still teaching for a while in addition to the new work, so the transition was not a radical one. When I lost that job, it was completely different, because I had two weeks to deal with papers and digital files and furnishings. It was a blur. A sad blur.

Since then I have been in this one position (although I have tried to get out of it and move home for lucrative reasons) and have been planning the move for months, so I have had a lot of time to think more carefully about how to leave, what to take with me and what to leave for my colleagues and a possible replacement. Some files I have duplicated, leaving copies for my colleagues to do with as they please—workshop materials, blog instructions and materials, office documents. I’m not sure I need those things, but for now, I’m taking copies if only for posterity, and will figure out later on whether they are useful or just nostalgia.

I made some recorded lectures when I was teaching online here that are streamed from a college server and I plan to capture those at home with Camtasia so I have copies for this portfolio. Otherwise, I would just have the PowerPoints that I used in the lectures. Any digital presentations that I created in technologies outside of the college, like in VoiceThread or Prezi or Storify will remain mine, obviously. Do I think I’m going to teach again and use these? No. I don’t know how long they will stand up to new ways of teaching composition, anyway. Just more evidence for the portfolio. Historical artifacts, if nothing else.

Account logins that used my work email had to be changed. I think I have done all of those, except for that one VoiceThread account. Sadly, if you can’t afford to purchase an account, you end up creating multiple accounts with different email profiles as a workaround. I think there are one or two that use my work email that I would like to keep. If I can’t transfer them, they will be screen-captured.

Unsubscribing from annoying vendor emails. Hooray! I am not going to miss those and the ones I have forgotten will just fall by the wayside when my email is shut down.

The big task is this darned desktop computer. I’ve been trying not to save too many things, but I still have two months of work left, so what I do save is either in the drive folder I share with my colleagues or in the personal drive my school affords me or in my Dropbox folder. Retiring has been a great opportunity to clean out the mess of digital files I have accumulated and create some order. The final spring cleaning. And oh, the passwords o_O I have saved way too many without using a good password manager at work. I have one on my home computers but never got around to using it here. Easy enough to export them from Firefox, but those need to be cleaned out, as well, to see if there are any here that I don’t have at home. A good time to change the important passwords.

That’s about it, except for the number one task: avoiding congratulatory encounters and just quietly walking away. I’m working on that plan.


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I have a PhD in American Literature, taught in higher education for over twenty years, and directed two Centers for Instructional Technology before retiring.

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