English Composition

I have taught English composition/first year writing courses since 1987 when I was a graduate teaching assistant until as recently as 2012 as an adjunct, with a few full-time teaching positions in between, and I may still teach a few online courses, but it is not part of my current full-time position.

Read more about my teaching on the pages linked below:


Collaborative Learning Projects

American Labor Crises (link to site) Assignment (PDF) American Labor Crises is a collaborative web project from an English second semester composition course. The focus in that course was research, and there is always the problem of finding suitable topics in English where the subject is writing. In addition, there is the problem of students … Continue reading Collaborative Learning Projects

Online Teaching & Learning

I’m still trying to figure out the nature of content for this section. I just about always have some sort of collaborative assignment, even if just the peer reviews of each other’s drafts, but I don’t want to cross post items from my collaborative learning pages. Just to make clear though, the collaborative learning projects … Continue reading Online Teaching & Learning

Media for Online Teaching

This page shows a few sample videos that illustrate how I used video to engage online students and to give them a sense of their all-too-real teacher. Here’s a sample introduction to an idea about how college students need to put away some old concepts about essays in order to write in the higher education … Continue reading Media for Online Teaching

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