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This page shows a few sample videos that illustrate how I used video to engage online students and to give them a sense of their all-too-real teacher.

Here’s a sample introduction to an idea about how college students need to put away some old concepts about essays in order to write in the higher education environment. You will see that this video was constructed with pieces of an older video for a new course. If you have the software and skills to do that kind of re-editing, it’s a nice way to reuse material that you have already worked hard to create. I created this video with iMovie.

Here’s a recording of an Adobe Presenter presentation, similar to several that I used to present short lectures. The sound is not as good in the screen recording as the original streamed version of the presentation, but it gives you an idea of how you can deliver short presentations in online courses. Notice that this one ends with an assignment:

This second Adobe Presenter presentation was for an online Honors Composition course. We read the novel Waiting for the Barbarians for our research writing. Like the previous one, the screen capture does not capture the audio well from the computer. The links in the original presentation were written over with working links to the same content students would have seen: ;

This presentation on finding sources would seem to be from a literature course, but the campus I was teaching for used literature anthologies for composition. We had our choice of texts and I chose a poetry anthology because I thought the shorter pieces would be easier to read and write about. I think this is from 2010. I would prefer not to teach this kind of scholarship to first-year writing students.

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